Mom4eto - Album Design

HBB2 - Hood Baby Boy 2 is a music album by the Bulgarian trap artist Mom4eto. I was tasked with creating the cover for the physical copies of the album as well as short music videos (loops) for the YouTube and Spotify platforms, advertising posts for the social networks Instagram and Facebook, and last but not least merchandise to the album.

Ring, ring

Among the tall gray buildings, somewhere in the gloomy streets, a green light shines. No, it's not a traffic light. It's an old cell phone screen. A call is received, one of many for the evening. This is Hood Baby Boy, a network of many people looking for him for various reasons.

Hood Baby Boy Jewel case front
Hood Baby Boy Jewel case inside
Hood Baby Boy Jewel case back
Hood Baby Boy T-shirt white
Hood Baby Boy T-shirt black

Time to hype up

We decided to give the project some hype before the launch and surprise fans with animated stories and an AR filter.


It's always a real treat to work with another artist, especially from a different sphere. But it comes with its challenges from being able to stay clear throughout the process and at the same time not to compromise the clients' vision.