Insulation installation 3/4 view



personal - installation

Insulation is an installation that transfers graphic design from the traditional flat format of paper or screen into space. Exposes my entire process of working on building a poster as each layer becomes visible to the public.

What is design, anyways

Design is much more than arrangement, styling, and decision-making. It tells a story. Therefore in the installation, each layer builds a timeline defined by architectural periods from my hometown of Ruse, Bulgaria. The work examines how the environment from my birth to the present has affected me. The scars left by the new post-liberation history of Bulgaria, socialism, and democracy.

Keep searching

Searching for myself not only as a designer but also as a person. For the unanswered questions and for the things that remain invisible. For the people who are going through our lives and for the memories that have been created.


At the end is best for us to make a move